Ittybitty Blog Glossary

Danny’s Stepdad (aka Grandpa Ruby) recommended that I put a glossary on the blog. I have finally gotten one started. These are mostly terms that have come up out of Grace’s little imagination that have also made it in to our everyday language around the house. I will be adding it as a page at the top next to Owen’s story and will add to it as I think of more words.

Mighty Monster- Grace
High Maintenance- Grace
High Maintenace #2- Owen
Orange Kitty- Grace
Fat Boy- Bobcat

Grandma Annie- Darcy’s Mom
Grandpa Annie- Darcy’s Dad
Grandma Ruby- Danny’s Mom
Grandpa Ruby- Danny’s Stepdad

Imaginary Friends
Jill “the boy”
Jill “the girl”

an annie and ruby- tuna fish sandwich with oval cheese (provolone)
a bob and may- peanut butter and honey sandwich
green noods- noodles with pesto sauce
noods- noodles
nummy-nums- deer
orange kitty soup- tomato soup
orange kitty chips- doritos
oval cheese- provolone
potades- potatoes
sabagetti- spaghetti
sam and pearl- peanut butter and jelly sandwich
scones- yogurt
toby and casper- tuna fish sandwich
toot and treebie- tuna fish sandwich with cheddar cheese

Boley- Grace and Owen’s blankets (aka boley-laney)
big browns- bigger shoes with tread (more like hiking boots)
the da da-da da-da song- Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley, Grace’s favorite song
GO DUCKS- University of Oregon Ducks football
GO DUCKS Day- Game day
little browns- little mary jane shoes. We keep getting her a new pair each time she grows out of the old ones, some have been brown, the last pair was navy but still called “little browns”
pod- potty
dad pod- when Daddy holds you outside so you can go potty
mom pod- one of the big public toilets with the loud flusher
Snuggly Warms- warm cozy clothing
snuggs- snuggles/snuggling


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    Love it!!!

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