Daddy’s In Charge…

Danny is in the process of finding a new job. On Tuesday, I went to work from 8:30 to 6:00 and then I had a meeting from 7:00 to 8:30. Danny was with the kids most of the day. We have had a bit of a role-reversal.

I came home from work Tuesday night to find the house very clean, the floors scrubbed, the nasty laundry room was CLEAN, chili was on the stove and Danny was making homemade blueberry muffins.

It was 6:00 and the kids were already in their pjs and running around being goofy. They started getting a bit rowdy and Danny gave them a time out.

This is what happened-



He said “time out” and they each went to their “side” of the hutch put their heads in the corner.

Somebody’s in charge…but it’s definitely not me!


5 responses to “Daddy’s In Charge…”

  1. Sonya says :

    This mommy is jealous… just a bit! Those blueberry muffins sound yummy, are there any left? 😛

  2. Alyce says :

    Don’t feel bad, I think that almost anyone can do a great job taking care of the house and kids when they first start. I know I used to be a perfectionist about cleaning, but after about 2,000 and some days of being a mommy and cleaning up the same floors and counters I’ve learned to let things slide. And let’s just say the enthusiasm for cleaning and the novelty for keeping house have gone the way of the dino. Not that I don’t try to keep a positive attitude! 🙂

  3. grandma ruby says :

    I never put you in a corner for a time out!! It always worked so much better to take a book in the bathroom, turn on the water and read so I couldn’t hear you and Bryan pitching fits:)
    You are a good dad, but what happens when they get bigger than you.
    Love mom

  4. Allison says :

    Wow! Didn’t know Danny was so domestic! We are praying for the job situation. Love you ALL!

  5. Laura says :

    Good Job Danny! I’m impressed.

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