Green Eggs…

Well both chickens are finally laying. I went out to check last night when I got home from work and there was a green egg where the brown one usually is and the brown egg had been pushed aside.


Here’s Miss “I-don’t want my picture taken” holding the eggs.



4 responses to “Green Eggs…”

  1. apudiem says :

    I love visiting your blog.
    Looks like your family is having a blast!!
    Have the eggs hatched yet?

  2. Fer says :

    How do green eggs taste like?

    • ittybittyblog says :

      Hi Fer,
      I ate two today with some ham and they were delicious. But really pretty much the same as white or brown eggs. The yolk seemed to be a brighter orange/yellow than regular eggs.

  3. Laura says :

    Ok…I want chickens!

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