Precarious Snack Spot

I walked into the kitchen this morning and heard laughter and saw this…


Owen had found the most precarious spot for his snack…


He had pushed the little table (also known as the “no-fighting” table (yeah right) where in reality many fights occur- can I do double parentheses) and was sitting on the sewing machine with his legs stretched out, eating his crackers. Of course his cars and trucks couldn’t be far away so they were on the window sill so he could easily reach them at any time.


The little chair on the table was mine when I was a kid, but the back of it broke so we have it out of reach, it is actually more of a temptation though…So, we don’t normally have the chairs on the table…

One response to “Precarious Snack Spot”

  1. Fer says :

    Oh Owen! He’s so smart and cute!

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