Brown Blank

My husband has this blanket, it is affectionately known as “brown blank”. His great aunt Marge gave it to him when he was just a wee lad.

When Danny and I first started dating I went over to his apartment one evening for dinner. There was a terrible (but neat) thunder and lightening storm. Danny had no couch in his apartment, just a couple of chairs. So he made a makeshift “couch” out of a few blankets on the floor and then brown blank to snuggle with. We stayed up til 2:00 or so in the morning watching the storm before I headed home.

Bob used to try to sleep on it and hold it in his mouth (on penalty of death!).

Brown blank now has its place on our bed and if the kids are lucky, they get to cuddle with it.

One day recently after baths I put both of our nakey babes in on the bed and wrapped them in brown blank. Boy were they happy!




3 responses to “Brown Blank”

  1. Amber Myers says :

    Oooh that is sweet! I have a special blanket I have had for well over twenty years! Wow that makes me feel old. Doesn’t really keep me warm anymore. It’s just hanging together by a few threads but I just can’t seem to get read of it.

    Thanks for Owain’s birthday message. I loved it 🙂
    I have always been told when you have children time flys boy they aren’t kidding!

    Take Care


  2. kaeley says :

    Is it just me or does Owen look so grown up in these pictures? So cute!

  3. Fer says :

    We all have our special blankets, they are called angies here, Ana has hers, Juanpa too, me and Ernesto is the only one who doesn’t have one, but he steals mine 😉

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