We added Toot and Treebie to our family back in June. Together they cost less than $5.00. The chicken coop on the other hand, around $200.

I seriously never expected that the chickens would ever lay eggs. I mean it’s been six months…My head knows that chickens lay eggs, but so far these two haven’t really been those kinds of chickens…

But the other day Grace and Danny checked on them and found this


Since that first egg, we have had about 6 more. Some days we even get two. As far as we can tell it is only Toot that is laying, Treebie’s eggs should be greenish.

When we brought the egg inside this was the conversation that happened…

Grace: “Is there a baby chicken in there?”
Me: “No, you have to have a Daddy to get a baby chicken.”
Grace: “But I do have a Daddy!”
Me: “Uh, I mean you have to have a Daddy chicken, just like you have a Mommy and a Daddy, you need a Mommy chicken and a Daddy chicken to get a baby chicken.”
Grace: “Oh.”


5 responses to “Finally!”

  1. Fer says :

    WOW! Do they taste good?

  2. Sonya says :

    Yay, fresh eggs! Our neighbors’ chickens have really slowed down the laying what with the cold weather. In the next month or two, I’m hoping the eggs increase again, since they’re very generous and usually share some with us. Mmmm, yummy.

  3. Alyce says :

    That is so cool!

  4. Laura says :

    Ok, I’m naive…green eggs?

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