Farm Girl

I am not even going to look at when my last post was posted…I have been terribly delinquent. But I suppose that is ok. No one in blogland has seemed to need me…

My sister has been in town since before Christmas. She left yesterday. Yesterday is also the day that I started my new job.

During college and then again in the year surrounding when Danny and I got married I worked at a doctor’s office (my mom still works there and has for probably 20 years). They called back in the end of November and asked if I wanted to come back part time. Less than 20 hours a week. A little chance to get out of the house and see GROWNUPS!!!

I said yes, and my wonderful parents are watching the kids when I am at work.

Quite a blessing dropped in our laps and I am very thankful.

So back to my first day.

I have to get up, shower, get dressed, get two kids dressed, fed, one to school, one to the grandparents, check on the chickens, the dog. You know, probably nothing more than most people do daily…

I got dressed and while the kids were eating I ran out to see if Toot had laid any eggs (another post on that later).

I went off to work took off my coat and one of my new sweet co-workers said “it looks like you have sawdust on your back, did you play on the playground before you came in?”

Oops…Note to self…don’t get dressed in work clothes and then go check on the chickens. When I open the big door on their house it creates a vacuum and the bark comes flying out and apparently up my back! Oops!


4 responses to “Farm Girl”

  1. Sonya says :

    Too funny!

  2. Alyce says :

    At least there weren’t any jokes about rolling in the hay! 🙂 Congrats on the job!

  3. Allison says :

    Love it! Hope the new job is going well! Happy New Year!

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