Christmas Crafts

Well, now that Christmas is over, I can post about some of the crafts that I have been working on this month.

We really tried to keep our gift-giving costs to a minimum this year, but I still wanted something special.

I made bracelets for the Grandma’s…of course I forgot to take “in-process” pics.

I used clear flat marbles and craft glue and the little pics were from my picture orders from Winkflash which I punched out with a big circle punch. I alternated he pictures and a punch of scrapbook paper.





Then for the Grandmas (2), Aunties (3) and the girlfriends of the BILs (2) I made bags out of old sweaters. I used Betz White’s tutorial and then the embellishment inspiration came from cindygert’s blog (just scroll through her blog, lots of beautiful bags). I actually used some different free clip art online to print out…







I was most pleased with the oatmeal bags. The wool had felted nicely (it was actually a sweater of Danny’s that we “ruined” before we were even married, I have been holding on to it for that long hoping to find a use for it…) The thicker oatmeal wool held the shape of the bags better than the other bags did…

8 responses to “Christmas Crafts”

  1. Amber Myers says :

    I love the bags! Very cute!

  2. cindygert says :

    Thanks for the plug!! These bags are great!!! I love all the applique work. Keep up the great job!!!


  3. ittybittyblog says :

    Hey Cindy,
    Thanks for the comment! I think I would have machine sewed them if I had thought ahead enough to embellish them BEFORE I finished the bag. I had no choice but decided to work with it and use different colored thread.

  4. Allison says :

    You are so creative! What great ideas!

  5. Bethany says :

    How adorable!!! You are talented, sister!!!

  6. Fer says :

    LOVE them! Specially the bags! I want one!

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