Grace Stories!


Considering how long my “Grace file” has gotten, it is time for some Grace stories!

Me: “I love you!”
Grace: “I love you too!”
Me: “I love you three”
Grace: “I wasn’t counting! Too isn’t counting!”
Me: “Well, what is it?”
Grace: “There is the number two and the word too.”
Me: “Well what does the word too mean?”
Grace: “Well, it just means how much I love you!”
Grace: “I have fleece, but not the kind that bite. Just the fleece bugs because I itch…”
Me: “Aren’t you so glad you have a brother to play with?”
Grace: “Yes, I am otherwise I wouldn’t have anyone to play with. Oh, wait I would, I would still have Daddy to play with!”
Me: “What am I chopped liver?”
Grace: “Oh, do you play with me?”
Me: “I am here with you all the time, I play with you.”
Grace: “Oh, yeah, that’s f-fun too…”
Grace: “Why do you need the chair to stand?”
Me: “Well, because I am short, did you know that I was short?”
Grace: “Yes!”
Me: “Why, did someone tell you?”
Grace: “No, I just look at you and I can see that you are short!”
Me: “Was it fun just having 4 kids at school today?”
Grace: “Yes, it was because when there are a lot of kids they just get in my way when I am trying to play.”
Grace: “Owen is being my big helper, he’s not even causing trouble. He’s not a troublemaker. He’s just a boy, which is what boys do!”
Grace: “Owen is my little boy. Having a little boy is a lot of hard work, dressing him, watching him, making him look handsome. I didn’t know it was going to be such hard work!”
Grace: “It’s just nice being able to be at my home and not do anything, just to be able to relax and be comfortable.”
Grace: “I’m a giant! Fee, fum, four, five!”
Me: “Grace, I am going to come in there and get rid of a bunch of stuff in your room because it is getting out of control in there!”
Grace: “No Mommy, it’s in-trol!”
Grace: “Momma, I learned something on television!”
Me: “What did you learn, Sweetie?”
Grace: “I learned on Sid the Science Kid that when things get mushy they are decaving.”
Me: “Do you maybe they said decaying?”
Grace: “NO, they said decaving!”
Grace: “I don’t like it when dogs lick me. Do you know why?”
Me: “No, why?”
Grace: “Because dogs have germs in their mouths, did you know that dogs have germs in their mouths?”
Me: “Yes, I did know that.”
Grace: “But I still like to lick myself!”


5 responses to “Grace Stories!”

  1. Kathy in West Texas says :

    Oh my goodness! She’s too much! And don’t ever try to eat breakfast when reading a Grace story! LOL

    She’s a sweetheart, and I love how she loves her brother! That’s too cute!

    Ya’ll have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Amber Myers says :

    Once again Grace brings a smile to my face.

  3. Fer says :

    I am a fan of Grace’s stories!

  4. Laura says :

    Too cute.
    You are so smart to keep a record of these.

  5. Alyce says :

    I love the “fee, fum, four five.” So funny!

    Also, it reminded me of something Nathan said the other day, “Mama you can kiss me on my number four head.”

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