Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

Sorry about the posting slump…just haven’t had much to say lately…
These pics are for you Laura!

We had a storm that hit Sunday night. In our little part of the world everything shuts down when it snows. School has been closed for 2 days and I expect it will be tomorrow and who knows, maybe all week.

Usually when it snows here, it melts by lunch time and we go on with our lives, but this time it has dropped below freezing and is icy and so we choose to be homebound.

I took the kids out yesterday morning, Owen didn’t really like it.



By 5:00 when Danny came home Owen gave it another try and LOVED it.



This morning Grace played for a little while outside and I ventured out to take care of the poor chickens who are thankfully still clucking, their water was frozen solid, but they were not!

I’m not cut out for farm life in the winter!


3 responses to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside…”

  1. Amber Myers says :

    I love the snow pics! Very cute!

  2. Laura says :

    THANK YOU!!!
    I have to live through your family.
    I’m glad they all went out and had fun….

  3. Fer says :

    Loved the photos!

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