Grace seems to be processing some things from when Owen was born.

A couple of weeks ago we were in the car and we had the following conversation:

Grace: “Remember when we lived in Portland, I really liked it there and I think we should go back there.”
Me: “Well Sweetie, we aren’t going to go live at the Ronald McDonald House. We have a house here.”
Grace: “When Owen was born and had all of those tubes in him I was really worried for him. I thought he was going to die.”
Me: “You know, Daddy and I were very worried too and we were afraid he was going to die. But look how healthy he is now.”
Grace: “I was scared when I went in to see him with all of those tubes.”
Me: “But you were very brave.”
Grace: “No, I wasn’t, I just went in and saw him with the tubes and then I was scared!”
Me: “But you went in to see him, and that was brave!”
Grace: “Hmmm.”

Kind of heavy huh? I wasn’t expecting that. She talks about when Owen was sick and has mentioned the tubes before and remembered staying at the Ronald McDonald House but she has never mentioned how worried she was about him. She hasn’t really mentioned anything since…

On a much lighter note….

I heard Grace in her room this afternoon and she was getting her doll “Simba” ready and packing up her backpack. I heard her say something about a blanket in case she needs to nurse, clothes and some other stuff.

We have some friends with a little one and the mom has been nursing him so Grace “knows” about that. What I didn’t think was still in her memory bank was the pumping…

When we were in the hospital with Owen I pumped. I would go into one of the hospital “family rooms” and pump. Sometimes Grace would come in with me. There is no way to be discreet with a double, hospital grade pump. You just hold on and let ‘er go. It’s not real pretty…

Once we brought Owen home I pumped for a couple of weeks and then I stopped. So the last time Grace saw this (apparently vivid) event was in April of 2007, 21 months ago…

So back to this afternoon…She sits down on the floor and says “I have to pump really quick before nap, my baby is out of milk.”
Me: “Well, uh, ok…”

She pulls out two bowling pins (from the lawn bowling set, of course) and lifts up her shirt and puts the flat ends against her belly and holds onto the rounded end.

Grace: “Ok, I’m finished, that was quick wasn’t it?!?”

What was funny (besides the obvious) was that she actually went looking for the bowling pins. She thought about what would make good “pumpers” and chose the bowling pins.

It is just amazing to me what she has retained from almost two years ago. Some good, some not so much.


5 responses to “Pumping…”

  1. Kathy in West Texas says :

    That is funny!!! But, hey, she’s taking care of her babies!!!

    Tell her Merry Christmas from Kathy in West Texas!

  2. Sonya says :

    Absolutely amazing! Well, I’m done nursing now, but obviously that’s a recent enough memory for Grace to pull out of the hat for quite some time…

  3. Alyce says :

    Oh, I’m laughing so hard over here! The bowling pins!

    Thankfully Kenny doesn’t remember anything like that. I do have pictures of him when he was 3 and Nathan had just come home from the hospital, and he decided to borrow the boppy pillow and “nurse” his stuffed kitty cat. 🙂

  4. ali says :

    Oh those hospital grade pumps, they really do make you feel like a dairy cow!

  5. Fer says :

    I have to agree with Ali.

    And about Grace, she just amazes me!

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