Santa and the Tooth Fairy


Grace got to go visit Santa last night with Grandma and Grandpa Ruby. She has not wanted to sit in his lap the last several years but this year she was insistent that not only was she going to sit in his lap, she was going to give him a card, AND ask him about the Tooth Fairy.

Earlier in the day we worked on the card. She told me what she wanted to say:

“To Santa, From Grace and Owen,

I would like a new pair of little browns (shoes) with hearts on them, please and a tractor for Owen. Thank you.”

All this little girl has asked for Christmas is a new pair of shoes! Can you believe that?!? And she remembers to ask for something for her brother. I’m impressed.

Since losing her tooth last week, Grace has been oh so curious about the Tooth Fairy. She keeps asking questions about her whereabouts. I had originally told Grace that the Tooth Fairy was very shy, painfully shy even, and that is why Grace won’t be able to see her.

This was rather upsetting to Grace and she insisted that she would be a good friend to the Tooth Fairy and that she really wanted to be her friend and why couldn’t she just try.

Well, last night Grace was super excited to go see Santa…so she could ask about the Tooth Fairy.

Apparently they are good friends and go to each other’s houses whenever they want…who knew?

So now Santa is the go-between between Grace and the Tooth Fairy.

I was pretty proud that not only did she go and wait in a long line, she sat in his lap and she TALKED TO HIM!


4 responses to “Santa and the Tooth Fairy”

  1. Alyce says :

    So what did Santa say about the tooth fairy?

  2. Fer says :

    Grace is just something else!

  3. Allie says :

    Hi Darcy – I followed the link on your name from Lisa Leonard’s site – I was the other winner of the lovebird necklace. I was wondering if you’d gotten yours yet. I know that she’s probably swamped and I completely understand if she hasn’t mailed them yet. But if she has and mine has gotten lost or something, I want to be able to let her know, I guess? Anyway, that’s all. Your kids are adorable!


  4. ittybittyblog says :

    Hey Alyce,
    Santa said that they were good friends. That tooth fairy is shy but they are still friends and that they go to each others houses whenever they want…
    Do your kids believe in the Tooth Fairy/Santa? Do you do a different Fairy for both boys? Actually, your youngest probably hasn’t lost a tooth yet…

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