What About Bob?

I have had quite a few comments about Bob whenever he makes it into the blog. I thought I would devote an entire post to our big buddy…

Danny found Bob at a place he used to work at, Bob was a feral kitten. He was being chased by some of the fork-lift drivers and would get food from the dumpster and he lived in a wall. My cat-hating husband (of one month) decided Bob needed a home.


We didn’t know how May would react…

She finally realized that she was bigger and put him in his place. It took awhile of him running across the room and plowing in to her side…but she finally got it.


The big black mass on the right is May…Bob still likes to lay on his back, he has curly belly fur…And I think this pic is the ONLY time they have ever “cuddled”.


Bob actually has more of a dog personality and loves his people. May could care less where we are as long as we don’t bother her. Bob would get on the couch with me and Danny and lay across us so that he could get attention from both of us.

When we first brought Bob home, we had this bed for May, Bob decided to take it over…


Literally….it’s actually not the same bed, but you get the idea…


We now have a dog bed for him but he still likes to get back in that little bed and get cozy…


When we brought Grace home from the hospital Bob was so curious about her, we put Grace on our bed and Bob jumped up. He sniffed her and then he licked her on the head. We knew they would be good friends.

He has been amazingly tolerant with her. I don’t think she had a scratch until she was well over a year, despite all the fur-pulling.

Grace (3 weeks) and Bob


Grace (5 months) and Bob


Grace (11 months) and Bob


Bob Now…


Since he was a feral kitten, we don’t really know what Bob is. He weighs about 20 pounds (at 21 months, he and Owen are about the same weight), he is obviously massive and very fluffy too.

And of course he has nicknames…

Bob the Fat
Fat Boy
Fatty Bob
Bob Buttons
Bobski Bobski Bob-a-lobski (that’s one of mine…)
Bob-a-blob…(also one of mine…I try to stay away from “fatty” ones…)


2 responses to “What About Bob?”

  1. Fer says :

    Bos is so cute!

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