The Tooth Fairy!

We’ve had big doin’s at our house. The tooth fairy came last night!

The Friday before Thanksgiving I noticed that Grace’s front teeth looked a bit crooked and then I realized it was loose. It seemed really early so it caught me off guard.


After much wiggling…


and wondering…

When will it fall out? In my Thanksgiving turkey? In my sleep? Where? Where? Mamma, where!!?!?!

Apparently, the answer was in circle time at school while singing the “goodbye song”…


Doesn’t she look scared? She gets that from me…Something about teeth falling out is very creepy to me. I got warm and flushed…

Hey, I can watch my son’s insides be stitched up, I can watch his circumcision…but a loose tooth and some blood and oooh that bloody empty socket….UGH! I get light-headed!

But the smile is pretty cute!


So last night we put her tooth under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy. I didn’t think she would fall for it. But she slept so lightly that I actually sneaked (is that even a word? snuck gets underlined…) the tooth out and put the present under the pillow while I was talking to her.

Note to self: don’t put the tooth in a plastic bag, it’s too noisy…

She had so many questions about the Tooth Fairy!
How does the tooth fairy get here? What is her name? What does she wear? What color is her dress? Does she wear click-clock shoes? Why can’t we see her? Why is she shy? How big is she? What will she think of Daisy? Does she live with all the other fairies?

This morning I was in the shower and she came running in to the bathroom, “Momma, Momma, the tooth fairy came and she took my tooth!”

Me: “Did she leave you anything?
Grace: “Yes, a present!”
Me: “Well, what was in it?”
Grace: “I don’t know, I left it under there! Will you come get it with me, I’m a little scared!”









5 responses to “The Tooth Fairy!”

  1. Amber Myers says :

    How cute! I can’t wait tell I get to to be the tooth fairy for Owain! or maybe I can I am already getting a little sad that my baby will be one in two months! Yikes! I am going to be the mom of a toddler! He is already showing signs of his mischievous side and temper tantrums!

    Thanks for sharing the tooth fairy story. I thought it was cute how she was scared to get her present. Oh the magic of being a child and believing in the tooth fairy,santa,easter bunny am I leaving anything out?

  2. kaeley says :

    I love it! That is so cute, and she really does look scared! I hated that feeling of the empty spot in my mouth, too…do you think we might be related? How much does a tooth run these days? Does she have plans for all that loot yet?
    Love you!

  3. Fer says :

    Awwww that is so cute! I love the way Grace wonders about life and fairies. I hope I can meet her one day, and you of coursee my friend!

  4. ladybugcda says :

    Hi , I’m the Toothfairy Online with a whimsical and informative website that is sure to make you smile! Please visit and leave your comments in my online guestbook. Thank-you in advance…
    Good-bye, gotta fly!

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