Thanks and Blessings, Week 3



Here is the third in our four part series of things Grace is thankful for…

Friday, November 14
“I am thankful for spending the night at Grandma’s.”

Saturday, November 15
“I am thankful for my new bike.”

Sunday, November 16
“I am thankful for Grandma and Grandpa Annie, Annie and Ruby.”

Monday, November 17
“I don’t have things that I am thankful for when I have a bad day, but I love you very much!”

Tuesday, November 18
“I am thankful for milk and cookies.”

Wednesday, November 19
“I am thankful that I get to go to school and I am thankful for ducky light.”

Thursday, November 20
Grace: “I am thankful for Halloween.”
Me: “What part of Halloween are you thankful for?”
Grace: “I liked getting all dressed up!”

Previous Weeks:
Thanks and Blessings, Week 2

Thanks and Blessings, Week 1


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