If It Smells Fishy…

It probably is…

Yesterday I was sitting at the table reading something on my computer. Owen was behind me standing on a chair at our hutch. I could hear that he was playing with the rocks that are around one of the candle holders but I knew it wasn’t lit so I wasn’t too concerned.

He started hollering about something so I got up. I smelled something fishy. I still have a bit of a cold so the sniffer isn’t working very well. I started to pick him up to go change him and I saw one of my candles. At first it looked like he had been playing in it and had scraped up the wax.

Upon further investigation I realized he had dumped out the entire container of fish food into the candle and then added some of the rocks (for effect I guess). Luckily the candle wasn’t lit, that would have been nasty…well, more nasty than it was…


4 responses to “If It Smells Fishy…”

  1. lisa leonard says :

    hey girlie! you won the lovebird necklace. email me. xoxo

  2. Laura says :

    Hee Hee!!!!
    You have a whole new gift set idea! It’s perfect for cats, bunnies, perhaps a fish or even a fisherman!!

  3. ittybittyblog says :

    Well, I hadn’t even thought of those possibilities. Could we sell them out our book/pj store? A nice coastal smell?

  4. Fer says :

    LOL weird mix!

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