Ittybitty Love

For as long as I can remember I have had an absolute fascination with ittybitty things. I can remember as a child reading books like The Indian in the Cupboard and Stuart Little. We also had this sweet book called Miss Suzy about a squirrel that took up residence in a doll house.


For Christmas I wanted little mice ornaments for the tree, especially if they were shown doing something “people-like” like sleeping in a bed made of matchbox or something like that.

On Sesame Street, my favorites were the twiddle bugs. They were the bugs that lived in Ernie’s flower box, they weren’t on very often, oh, but did I wait for them!

So I am giving you all this background so that you will understand my excitement when I found this


The real version is only about 2/3 to 3/4 of the picture size. Oh, isn’t it sweet!?!?

This lovely woman creates these sweet, little cobblestone cottages. There are little villages or single houses, there are some with little gnomes. I’ve always wanted a little gnome…no, not a ceramic garden gnome…

Here are some pictures of when our house came in the mail…




Maybe I am quirky, but I am guessing that I am not alone because I know Jessica understands or she wouldn’t make them, and then there are the people who are buy these little houses…I suspect they may have liked the twiddle bugs too. And I think my daughter might share my fascination with me:)

Please click on over and look at all the ittybitty love on her flickr page, etsy store named Petite House or her blog.


2 responses to “Ittybitty Love”

  1. Kristyn says :

    The twiddle bugs were always my favorite, too. šŸ™‚ The cottage is very cool. I try to get the girls each a cute miniature Christmas ornament every year (along with 2 or 3 other ornaments) so one day they can have their own miniature tree. My mom has one and it is adorable!


  2. Fer says :

    I’s pretty!

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