Thanks and Blessings, Week 2


I almost forgot to post this weeks Thanks and Blessings! This week Grace was pretty quick to tell us things that she was thankful for, often before she was even asked.

Here is Grace’s list of things that she is thankful for.

Friday, November 7
“The van, I like the color.”

Saturday, November 8
“Bryan and Burt, I just like them.”

Sunday, November 9
“A Daddy, ’cause I love him.”

Monday, November 10
Grace: “I am thankful for a doggy, a doggy named Daisy”
Danny: “Why are you thankful for your puppy?”
Grace: “Because I like her and she is a good dog”

Tuesday, November 11
“Today I am thankful for the Santas!”

Wednesday, November 12
“Today I am thankful for Daisy.”

Thursday, November 13
“Today I am thankful for Grandma Annie’s Ruby”

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Thanks and Blessings, Week 1


2 responses to “Thanks and Blessings, Week 2”

  1. Fer says :

    She loves Daisy 😉

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