Dress and Tiara

I posted the other day about our Halloween. Grace was dressed in a dress that my mom had made for me when I was a kid.

I thought I would post a few other pictures.

Me in the dress, circa 1981


Grace in the dress, 2008


In these next pictures, note the tiara. The tiara is my mom’s. She has had it since high school. It also happened to be what she used to pin up her veil on her wedding day.

darcy-halloween1 p1040370

Mom and Dad, Wedding Day 1968…


Pretty neat!

So maybe when Grace has a little girl…she’ll continue the tradition! We’ll see…


5 responses to “Dress and Tiara”

  1. Fer says :

    WOW! That’s amazing. I love the way you look in that dress. And Grace is the mini you!

  2. Laura says :

    Simply priceless!
    You are too cute!

  3. Amber Myers says :

    what a neat tradition! Wow I really see a resemblance!

  4. Bethany says :


    I got the shirt at Gap Kids. From what I’ve read about Grace she could definitley use one, too. Lol!


  5. Eric in AZ says :


    Grace is so cute and so big. I can’t believe the resemblance. At least now we know she won’t end up looking like Danny… 🙂

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