A CDH Resource

At the top of my blog I have a few pages listed, one for “Owen’s Story” and one for “CDH Info”. I just added a little snippet to my CDH info page but I thought I would also add it here because I suspect that most people check that page when they first come to the blog looking for CDH info, and that you, my regular readers don’t often look there:)

Blog Resources:
There are a ton of blogs where people (usually moms) write about their lives with a CDH survivor or CDH angel. On my main page I have listed many CDH blogs that I check regularly and that give a good idea of life with CDH.

One blog in particular is really good.

Jenn is a labor and delivery nurse who has a little girl (Sofia) with CDH. Her blog is so well written and explains so many CDH terms and issues in understandable language. Please take a moment and click on over there, I especially recommend this post that Jenn just wrote which accurately describes some of the emotions, etc. that go along with this whole CDH experience.

Jenn has also made a page called Sofia’s CDH InfoSpot with a lot of CDH info and even more resources.


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