Sicky McSickerson

Poor little Owen has had a stomach bug. He was up through out the night Tuesday night and then got sick a couple of more times Wednesday. We have been getting lots of good baby snuggles though.

He seems better today…

I hope that he is on the mend. We are taking it very slowly with the food and drink…

He is actually now Grumpy McGrumperson…but he still manages a smile every now and then.

Me? Well, I am tired of cleaning up, poop, pee, and puke. Between the boy and the dog, well, they’re keeping me and my paper towels busy…


2 responses to “Sicky McSickerson”

  1. Fer says :

    Oh poor thing! I hope he gets better soon. How are YOU?… E mail me, it’s been ages since we last “talked” 😉

  2. Sonya says :

    Poor baby! Hope he is soon on the mend!

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