Grace Happenings

Grace has already had some preschool “drama” this year. I was informed a week or so ago that during the first week of school Grace was bullied during recess by some third grade boys. Apparently, this woman’s daughter who is all of five jumped to Grace’s defense and tried to help her. The boys were still picking on her so this little five year-old, her big sister and her cousin all told mom and she talked to the boys and all the recess adults so they would know to watch out. Although I wished I had known earlier, I was relieved to know that so many people so quickly came to Grace’s defense. We’ve talked about it and what she should do if it happens again and I think that things are going ok now.
I just wish those things didn’t ever have to happen, you want to shelter your kids from mean people forever…

We have also been experiencing a lot of attitude and back-talk which just really gets under my skin! We have been trying some different consequences to see which one(s) get the best results. What is interesting is that there seems to be more of the extremes, the sweetness is getting even sweeter and the grumps are getting even grumpier!


Now for some funny stories, because you know they never stop coming!

Yesterday I worked in Grace’s classroom. The teacher heard some of the kids not being nice to each other, you know “you aren’t my friend anymore…” that sort of thing. She had a chat with the kids that they are all friends, about being respectful and that if there was a probably that they couldn’t work out, to come to an adult. When we got home from school and were having lunch Grace says:
“there are some kids in my class that are being mean to me.”
Me: “Well, do you know which kid?”
Grace: “I don’t know, but maybe it was “Bobby”.”
Me: “And what did “Bobby” do?”
Grace: “Well, we were playing in housekeeping and he put my baby in the grill and cooked it! Do you think he knows that I don’t like that?”
Me: “Well, did you tell him?
Grace: “No, do you think even if I tell him he will still do it?”
Me: “Well, he might, sometimes kids just do that kind of stuff and think it’s fun or playing.”
Grace: “Yeah, he likes to grill my lions too.”

The Custodian-
Grace: “The man that comes in to our classroom makes me a little scared.”
Me: “What man comes into your classroom?”
Grace: “I don’t know.”
Me: “Is he a daddy?”
Grace: “No.”
Me: “Does he talk to you?”
Grace: “No.”
Me: “Does he talk to Miss Jeannine or Miss Rexi?”
Grace: “Yes.”
Me: “Well, what does he do?”
Grace: “Well, my friend Cassie says he is just a man!”
Me: “Oh, are you talking about “Bob”? The man that cleans the floors and brings the vacuum in to the preschool?”
Grace: “Yeah Momma, he’s just a man.”
-Now when Grace says the word “just” she pronounces it “disht” so she kept repeating to me that he is “disht a man, disht a man.”

When I worked in her class yesterday he came in and she looked right at me, put her hand on my arm and said, “I love you momma!”

Me: “Grace, I really need some quiet time right now. Can you please stop with the questions?”
Grace: “No, I can’t stop talking?”
Me: “I know, but I really need you to because my ears are starting to hurt.”
Grace: “Well, sorry, I just never stop talking, except when I am sleeping!”

Grace: “I’m sorry momma, I didn’t know it would make you either mad or sad.”

Grace: “I love you a hundred bushels and a thousand pecks. Please keep forgetting so that I can keep telling you!”


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  1. Fer says :

    I love Grace’s stories!!!

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