I Love Seeing Owen…

-blow kisses
-sign for airplane at the fan in the bathroom at school
-pull toilet paper off the roll and pretend he’s blowing his nose
-put oven mitts on both hands and walk around saying “hhaaaa” for hot
-play with Grace’s dollhouse and smooch the little people
-light up when he sees (or hears) a truck, airplane, helicopter, car, lawn mower, vacuum, (you get the picture)

-walk behind Bob, May or Daisy and try to step on them as he takes a step
-his mouth form a big “O” and point at the sky and sign “bird” when he hears geese
-laugh at his sister
-dance, he’s always adding new moves!
-inspect tires

-put Grace’s necklaces and bracelets on and walk around trying to get attention
-practice jumping, he pumps his arms, bends at the waist and goes back up, all the while his feet never leave the ground, but boy is he proud of himself!
-watch Baby Einstein or the squirrel at the beginning of Ice Age. Pure joy and belly laughs with just the intro to the DVD. Just the anticipation gets him.
-and his adventurous spirit

-wander around signing “shoes” and saying “shu, shu” while he looks for them and then bringing them to me to put them on
-his face after he eats pumpkin bread


6 responses to “I Love Seeing Owen…”

  1. Sonya says :

    Yup, I would say he’s a keeper! He’s making so many new signs too!

  2. Amber Myers says :

    I love seeing Owain too! He is so cute! Great pics

  3. Fer says :

    Awww this post is cute! And so are the photos 🙂

  4. Annie says :

    How funny is that? What a coincidence! Your children are adorable! Thanks for your cute comment.

  5. Laura says :

    Definitely a winner. So cute.

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