For Grace’s Fans

It has been quite some time since I did a funny Grace post so this one is chock-ful of “Grace”!
The other night Grace spent the night at my parents. Before she left, she put this basket next to Owen’s crib, inside was her kitty all tucked in. She said that she was leaving it there so that if Owen looked for her in the night he would see the kitty and not be scared or miss her.

Grace: “Owen likes to go in the road. He WILL NOT look both ways, he just goes.”
Grace: “These apples are so juicy. Are apples made out of apple juice?”
Grace: “Do you know who I cuddle with every morning?”
Me: “Me?”
Grace: “No, Auntie Kaeley when she is here!”
Grace: “I like to eat snot, it’s yummy just like steamers!”
(oh she’ll love to be reminded of this when she’s 13!)
Grace: “Mommy, I like to pretend that my foot is a mommy and baby and the other foot is a dinosaur that is trying to kill them!”
Grace: “When I grow up I am not going to move away, I am going to stay right here and sleep on the couch!”
Grace: “Can I take my purse AND my scepter?”
Danny: “Grace, do you want to go walk around at the mall and go shopping?”
Grace: “Yes, I would like to get a pair of shoes to match this skirt.”
Today Grace was taking her nap. Prior to her nap she said she didn’t need to sleep with “boley” (her blanket) today. About 1 ½ hours into her nap she came walking out of my room, walked through the dining room, living room and over to the couch right next to her blanket. Instead of picking up “boley” she picked up a hanger that was on the couch. She turned around, walked past me and said “I’m going back to bed.” I asked if she wanted “boley” and she said “yes”.

When I got into my room with “boley” she was curled up on the floor holding the hanger up by her head cuddling it. I asked what the hanger was for and she sort of looked at me strangely and then said “it’s to hang my clothes up with!”
Grace, Owen and I went to coffee the other day with my mom and a friend. Grace got all dressed up and had a purse and her wallet. When we got to the coffee shop and ordered she opened her wallet and took out 2 pennies and a nickel and says “it’s ok, I got it.”
I got the tip jar down and told her to pay in the jar and then to go sit with Grandma. Once she was gone I paid our bill.
With Danny out of town, I let Grace sleep in bed with me. The first night she was all over the place, sleeping sideways, kicking me. Obviously very restless. At 5:00 in the morning, she sits straight up in bed, looks at me and says “uh oh Mommy, we forgot to snuggle!”


3 responses to “For Grace’s Fans”

  1. Alyce says :

    Those were so funny! Especially the dinosaur foot and the hanger! I had to read some of them to Terry because they were cracking me up.

  2. Amber Myers says :

    Thanks for sharing I was kinda having one of those days where everything goes wrong then I read this post and it brought a smile to my face. She is so funny. You know I bet you could write a book about all the things she says.

  3. Laura says :

    Love it!!! Love Grace!

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