That Rascalllll!!!

Danny has been out of town. He missed “Go Ducks” today because he was flying home. He wanted me to tape it and he was going to not find out the score and watch the game tomorrow, the game that I taped…

I found a video. I put it in. I recorded the game. The tape ran out with about 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter. I quickly grabbed another tape, rewound it and put it in and pushed record.

No problem…disaster averted…nothing important missed…

I was trying to be efficient and I rewound the second tape so that it would be ready for Danny to watch tomorrow. I was pretty pleased that I had done it all.

A few minutes ago I sat down to watch some tv and I picked up the remote and tried to change channels. I couldn’t. I pressed buttons, still nothing. Then I looked at the VCR (yes, I know, we still use a VCR) and the record light was on!!

Owen hit the record button after I rewound the tape!!

That little rascal taped the end of the USC game and Extra OVER TOP OF THE DOUBLE OVERTIME DUCK GAME!!!

Oh my gosh, and I have to tell Danny…

Do you think he’ll notice if I don’t say anything and just let that first tape run out? The score was tied at 20, I think I could slip it past him…I mean really, how important is the 4th quarter and double overtime…

But, I talked to Danny while he was waiting at the airport in Seattle. Apparently the pilot told them the score of the game. So he already knows the ending…He knows it doesn’t end in a 20-20 tie.

Luckily my parents live in this century and not only do they have the cable channel that does the rebroadcast, but they also have DVR.

Hopefully Grandma and Grandpa Annie rescue me and my little rascal…


4 responses to “That Rascalllll!!!”

  1. Alyce says :

    That is so funny! When Kenny was really little he used to play with the remote when I wasn’t looking. Several times I’d play back a tape and then the channel would change, and instead of a reality show I’d be watching the news or an infomercial. Really frustrating at the time, but funnier now.

  2. Laura says :

    Ok..that is hilarious!
    But you have posted for the record that you did attempt to bring the game in its entirety to Danny!

  3. Amber Myers says :

    Sounds like Owen is keeping you busy.He is a little rascal! I wonder if my little guy is going to be just as busy. I could already picture him climbing on top of tables and anything and everything in between.Boys they are a handful but ever so delightful

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