Owen at 18 months

Can you believe our little guy is already 18 months? I can’t! Owen has been doing so well lately and is just such a sweet little boy. He is cuddly and happy and of course is also perfecting his temper tantrum skills.

His language skills seem to be improving. He is picking up more and more signs all the time. So far he can do “milk”, “more”, “cracker”, “shoe” and “bird”. In the morning he will go find his shoes and bring them to me and sign shoes while holding them and say “shu, shu”. I don’t know why, but I didn’t expect that he would have to work at a particular sign. I thought he would just be able to make it. It has been fun watching him “babble” and practice until he gets a sign right. Owen is also talking a bit more and saying a few words or at least getting sounds or intonations that sound like a word. We’re getting there…This little guy has certainly been teaching me about alternative ways of communication. His favorite sound is ‘ma” he will add it with the sign for “milk” and “more” and then he also uses it to say “mine” which he does every time he grabs something of Grace’s. He is mischievous!

Owen’s main love right now is anything with a motor; cars, trucks, trains, planes and of course vacuums. If he is in a cranky mood, I just go out to the laundry room and get the vacuum and he gets so excited and cheers right up! The above pics are of Owen checking out a fork lift. I got pics and then while I was putting the camera away he walked around the other side of the forklift. When I went to get him he had found an open container of motor oil and was playing in it…

And of course he is still a climber, although most things that he can climb on have been moved out of the house. We actually have a rope that we tie through the chairs on the dining room table to try to keep him off of it. He has figured out pulling or pushing smaller objects around to use to climb up on other things.

And yesterday I had to purchase a safety lock for the toilet. I actually can’t believe it has taken him this long to figure it out. But after yanking his hand (and a train) out of the toilet THREE times in one day, I had had enough. Now he is trying to figure out how to work the safety lock. Hopefully I have a few months before he does that…

Owen is also doing pretty well health-wise. He has had a developmental pediatrician check-up and a regular pediatrician check-up. Both doctors agree that he is falling off of his growth curve and they are concerned that he isn’t getting enough nutrients. I struggle with this because he was 19.8 pounds, Grace is 26 and they weren’t concerned about her. Both doctors want us to see a nutritionist and discuss eliminating dairy. I am going to have to do some research to see what I think about this. It sounded like the concern is more with his height and since his curve is falling off, they are concerned he isn’t getting enough nutrients.

The results of the developmental screening show that Owen is at a 12 month level for language and a 14 month level for his gross motor skills. This should qualify him for early intervention services which he hasn’t qualified for before. I am actually hopeful that he does. I know how fantastic early intervention is because Grace had it and rather than Owen hovering just above the cut-off I would rather him be just under it and get services that will help him!

So we are getting the ball rolling on a few things. All minor.

And of course I’ll keep you posted!


4 responses to “Owen at 18 months”

  1. Jane & Chad says :

    Hey Darcy. Call or e-mail us if you want suggestions about the dairy thing. I had to give it up a couple years ago. It can be a pain, but have learned quite a few tricks…


  2. Kristyn says :

    We get those temper tantrums at three, too! 🙂 It sounds like he is doing a great job with signs–I did it with both of my girls and Leah still remembers them.

    Her main issue was gross motor delay–she qualified for services at 9 months. She crawled at 14 mo and walked at 22 mo and by age 2 was done with PT.

    Leah also doesn’t do any dairy. She is allergic to eggs so we avoid those, then about 18 mo she started having problems with dairy and she’s been off ever since. Her weight is okay now but she is short and will just always be short.

    He sure is a cutie pie! 🙂

    Leah 8.11.05 R-CDH

  3. Fer says :

    Hey darcy, I’m glad Owen is doing well, about his nutrients, have you gave him pediasure? Maybe that will help.

    May I ask what does dairy mean?

  4. ittybittyblog says :

    Hey Fer,
    I haven’t tried pediasure YET, I may do that.
    Dairy is milk products, specifically cow.

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