Bone Marrow Registry

I just read over at CF Husband that the National Bone Marrow Program is waiving the fee ($52) to join the bone marrow registry between now and September 22.

Earlier this year I joined the registry when the NBMP was waiving the fee for Mother’s Day. I had always been interested in doing this because I am also a big supporter of organ donation, but, I would just rather participate in a donation that I can do alive. Which reminds me I need to go in and see about donating blood….

The process for registering was incredibly simple. I signed up online and answered some questions. I received a package in the mail with some cotton swabs to rub around in different areas of my cheeks. Put the package back in the mail. About 6-8 weeks later I received confirmation that I was on the registry and received my “membership card”.

Now, of course I am sure it can get much more difficult (read painful) but we’ll cross that bridge when/if we come to it.

I may never get a call and I guess I could next week. But I would gladly go through some discomfort to give someone a fighting chance.

Please consider heading over to the National Bone Marrow Program and signing up!


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