Park Fun and Coons

Danny and I took the kiddos to the park last night.

Grace has just learned how to pump when she swings and she wanted to practice.

Owen has figured out the slide, and of course goes head first…

We have also had some raccoons in our yard a couple of evenings this week.

One night we had 5 eating on Danny’s strawberries and then the other night we saw 4. They kept going underneath the shed so once they started heading over the fence Danny boarded up the holes. So, hopefully they will move on.

The pic is terrible but you should be able to see 5 beady sets of eyes.


4 responses to “Park Fun and Coons”

  1. Lara says :

    This last picture of the raccoons is kinda creepy =) how funny! I love your blog…you keep me laughing!!

  2. Fer says :

    Yeah! I agree with the pic 😉

  3. Laura says :

    Did you notice that one of your “coons” has a headlamp on??
    Watch your chickens!

  4. Stephanie says :

    Thansk so much for your comment. Thansk more so for your prayers! Gage is doing well and will have surgery tomorrow morning! God bless you, and your Owen ( as well as your Grace ) are precious!

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