Update in Pictures

I have been going through some pictures today trying to organize and found some good ones that I never posted…

I should be accomplishing something, like cooking dinner, or cleaning the house, something…

But, the head cold turned into a bit of a chest cold and the kiddos are napping and I just can’t seem to get off of the couch, so I am “accomplishing” things on my computer.

Grace’s new thing-carrying her “little” brother around. Grace is about 25 pounds and Owen is hopefully about 20 (we’ll find out at his check-up next week) but she is somehow able to pick him up and carry him around.

Last night Grace and Owen went for a walk with Grandma Ruby and they went to the market and got a box of Junior Mints. Grace and Owen INHALED them and the resulting sugar high looked like this…

Goofing around in the time-out chair

Owen pretending to relax

Getting ready to go to the park in the rain- I LOVE how he looks at his sister!

Cool Dude!


2 responses to “Update in Pictures”

  1. Sonya says :

    Bummer about the cold! I guess I should have read your blog before I e-mailed you…

    What cutie-pies! It will be so much fun/aggravation for Bebe to have a sibling — hopefully he/she will look at Bebe just like Owen looks at Grace. Of course, we are waiting a bit before said sibling makes an appearance…

  2. Amber Myers says :

    Cute pictures thanks for sharing.

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