Fire-Breathing Transformers

This morning I was sound asleep and there was a loud explosion around 6:30 am. I got out of bed and Danny was already out the door and heading down the street with one of our neighbors.

Apparently a tree had fallen on power lines and a transformer had “exploded” behind our neighbor’s house. I watched out the window and the power flickered a bit and then I saw another explosion. There were fire trucks and firemen out and about.

Grace came running out of her room wondering if there was a storm (she just experienced her first thunder and lightening storm about a week ago…). Grace came and cuddled with me in bed, we slept until 9:00 which is when the power guys came.

The kiddos wanted to watch the men go up and fix the lines so we stood out on our front porch for awhile while Owen pointed a lot and made appropriate excited noises.

Grace wanted to know what we couldn’t use, what uses electricity. I told her everything we plug in uses electricity. Nothing with batteries. So then the questions ensued:

“Do we plug in the microwave?”
“Do we plug in the steamer stirrer?” (The hand-held milk frother)
“Do we plug in the van?”
“If we plug in the microwave does that mean we can’t have steamers?”
“Well, I think we should just go to Grandma and Grandpa Annie’s now since they have electricity!”

Then when the power finally came back on she ran around turning things off and on and clapping. “Yeah, your and Daddy’s lights work!”
“Yeah, the TV works, can I watch a video since the TV works?!?”

It’s amazing how dependent you become on electricity and how long it takes that concept to form in a child’s mind. No light, no music (unless we make it), no laundry, no vacuuming…hmmm…


One response to “Fire-Breathing Transformers”

  1. Fer says :

    Oh yes… we are so dependant… It’s like suddenly the time is frozen and there you are… Just waiting for the power to come back…

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