Progress, a Meeting and an Ending…

I have lots of Owen updates today.

First, if you have been reading this blog, you know that Owen is a late-talker. His words consist of “mama”, “maaa”= May (our black cat) or any other black animal, and “daddeee”. Well on Sunday, not only did he add the sign for “more” to his repertoire, but he also added the all important “tatter, tatter”= tractor. Two words in one day. That was very exciting for me as communication has been a bit of a struggle with the little guy. We are now ready for him to say “mama, daddee, <more> maaa tatter” whenever he wants us to put May on the tractor again…very useful…

Second, awhile back I tried to wean Owen from his pacifier. It was a total bust. It seemed to really traumatize him so we gave it back. I then weaned him off the bottle with no problem. I have been wondering how/when we will be able to ever wean him from the pacifier. Monday night, he went down with out it. And so far I have had success for naptime and bedtime Tuesday, but as I type this he is screaming bloody murder in his crib because he doesn’t have it…That lasted about five minutes.

Third, we had Owen’s check-up in Portland with his surgeon. As anticipated Owen was released from his surgeon’s care. We don’t have to go back for check-ups or appointments unless Owen has a problem. At this point, the odds of Owen reherniating are minuscule. So far no babies in this doctor’s practice (that they can recall) have reherniated for the first time after 18 months of age when no gortex patch was used. Jibberish to some, but I know you CDH folks know how cool this is.

This is Owen with his life-saver, Dr. Bliss. What a wonderful man, I can’t begin to tell what a neat and amazing doctor he is!

Now for my favorite part of the day. I have written many times (especially back in January/February) about little Owain. He is another CDH baby that was born at Legacy in Portland. Danny and I met his parents shortly after his hernia was diagnosed in utero and shared our CDH experience with them and they met our little guy. Amber and I have both dreamed and prayed for the day that our two healthy boys, Owen and Owain:) would finally meet. And on Monday they finally did. I have goosebumps writing this. It was such a special time to see them all together as a family with their sweet little blessing. Owain is such a happy little guy and such an answer to so many prayers. Amber wrote about our meeting on her blog as well. The link is above or on my sidebar.

I wasn’t quite prepared to feel so emotional when we were leaving the hospital after our meeting and the appointment. Such a happy feeling being on this side of the whole experience. We had no idea what our situation would be like back in February of 2007 when we first came to Legacy and met with Dr. Bliss and all of our other doctors. What an amazing journey it has been, a test of my faith, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

After our hospital visit we went and got some lunch. Owen was worn out and slept through the entire thing, which has never happened. Just as we were leaving Danny picked him up off of the bench Owen woke up and realized we had eaten without him and he was MAD, but we had take-out for him.

All in all, a pretty good day!


4 responses to “Progress, a Meeting and an Ending…”

  1. Fer says :

    OMG Darcy! So many good news! And that reunion with owain, finally! I am so happy for you 🙂

  2. Brian says :

    It is good to see there is light at the end of the tunnel. I look forward to days like this. I am sure you appreciate this mischief as well us the rest of us cdh’ers and the ones to come. Thanks for your dedication it is appreciated throughout the cdh community.

    Brian Reed

    Elli aka babygirlreed2be

  3. ittybittyblog says :

    Thanks Brian, I am praying that you will get to the light at the end of the tunnel with your sweet baby girl soon!

  4. finleyanabelle says :

    Hi – just found your blog… It is so encouraging to read Owen’s story. We were diagnosed with a L-CDH (stomach and some intenstine up) at 20 weeks and will be delivering at Emanuel are have chosen Dr. Bliss to do our surgery as well. So far on this journey I have heard nothing but great things about Dr Bliss and keep feeling reassured that we have selected the right doctor. I am currently 29 weeks and in the waiting zone now.. It is so nice to find blogs like yours and see people who have come out the other side and how God carried them through.

    God Bless your family!

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