Some Funny Stuff and Links

We moved our fruit bowl to the dining room table. Owen has already massacred a very ripe peach with his little fingers. This morning he was going for a banana. In my best “stern” voice I said loudly:
“No fruit for you!” (as in “no soup for you” from the soup nazi in Seinfeld).

I repeated it several times and I got THE BEST little giggles and smiles from Owen and Grace.

I saw this clip on someone else’s blog, I thought at first it was a commercial, but I realized later that there was nothing advertised. I am assuming it is from a Brit-com…Funny anyway and I am not implying that this man is like my husband in any way…

Another favorite from youtube…

And from someone else, I was introduced to a FUNNY website… being a linguistic major in college, this is the kind of stuff that I can read and giggle over all day…

This one is my favorite so far…

Back when Grace was just a couple of months old someone gave me an article about a mom who wanted alone time in the bathroom as her birthday present. It didn’t make sense at the time as Grace was not mobile, but, now that I have two kiddos that follow me everywhere and would sit on my lap while I go to the bathroom (if I let them), I can truly appreciate it. It is quite funny.


3 responses to “Some Funny Stuff and Links”

  1. Fer says :

    Thanks for the laugh Darcy!

  2. kaeley says :

    Probably more than you wanted to know, but it looks like it is from the show “Man Stroke Woman” which is a sketch show. Nick Frost is the guy and he was in “Spaced” (totally recommend) and “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” (which I need to see soon!). The girl is Daisy Haggard and I have only seen her in “Green Wing” (also recommend!)
    Thus ends the britcom lesson…
    love you!

  3. kaeley says :

    Also, Beeker (sp!) is totally funny!

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