The Creative Family

Over at simple mom (one of my favorite blogs!) there is an interview with author Amanda Blake Soule about her book The Creative Family. Simple mom is also doing a giveaway of the book so be sure to leave a comment if you are interested.

Being creative is something that is not in my nature so I struggle to keep up with Grace who is quite creative and imaginative. I would really like to encourage this in her.

This post is getting cut short. Two minutes ago both kids were playing together so peacefully in the kitchen. And then kid radar kicked in and they realized I was doing something, anything, because it doesn’t matter what and now I have one on my lap trying to type and one biting on my thigh. I’ll let you guess which is which…

Head on over to simple mom!

2 responses to “The Creative Family”

  1. chrissie says :

    I love Simple Mom, too!
    I’m with you – as soon as my kids see I’m doing something they have a million questions/needs.
    Thanks for the link!
    Lots of love,
    Chrissie from Flipflops and applesauce

  2. ittybittyblog says :

    Thanks Chrissie, I love your site too, lots of great fun ideas!

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