That Belly Has Got to Go!

One of my favorite blogs that I read is called simple mom. She has a lot of good advice and suggestions for simple living and practical homemaking which is certainly something I can use! I would highly recommend hopping over there after you read my post:)

One of the things that simple mom does every month is encourage her readers in a personal focus for the month under the premise that it takes 30 days to implement a new habit. The focus is supposed to be a simple, manageable goal, not something so huge that you set yourself up for failure before you even start.

Well, I have so many things that I want to focus on (eating better, exercise, lose weight, read more, turn off the television, plan meals, play with my kids more- just to list a few) that I was overwhelmed with what to choose. Which right there is one of my challenges, learning to focus and concentrate and complete things…but I digress. So I didn’t choose a personal focus for July due to indecision.

Then it hit me (kind of like a slap in the face, but it hit me). My sister and I were in a store with both kids. Kaeley walked in with Grace and I went in a few minutes later with Owen. The store owner looked at me said (and I quote, really)

“oh, you have a little one and you’re expecting!”

My response was kind of like “uh, no…”

So this is the second time in a month that someone has asked me if I am expecting…I have obviously passed the “New Mommy Grace Period.”

Now in my defense (read excuses):
I have had two c-sections,
I am short (4′ 11″) and there’s not a lot of space for a baby, so the belly just ain’t what it used to be,
I had two “big” babies,
with Owen’s birth defect I had excess amniotic fluid so in my 2nd trimester I was already measuring full-term,
I still don’t have feeling back in the lower half of my belly

Anyway, enough about that, I believe that part of my belly will always remember that baby trauma, particularly from Owen.

All this to say that my personal focus for July is to get my belly back in shape. Since I was a little late in deciding I am making it my personal focus for August as well (woohoo, now I am ahead of the game). This is such a big one for me that I might need 45 days to make it a habit anyways.

And, naturally I am posting it here so that you can help hold me accountable and it is out there in writing.

My plan is to do yoga strengthening. I did this after I had Grace and it helped my lower back a lot and I have the same plan that I used with her that I have started using again. One of my big problems is posture and holding my tummy in instead of just letting it hang out. I don’t really even realize that I am doing it because my stomach muscles are sooo stretched out that I have to  deliberately suck it in.

So, I will keep you posted on how this is going, feel free to ask me questions, just please don’t ask if I am expecting…

3 responses to “That Belly Has Got to Go!”

  1. Alyce says :

    Darcy I had two kids without having a c-section and I have had the same problem. I can’t imagine how much more difficult it would be after c-section.

    I have been using to track my eating habits for the past 3 1/2 months and have lost 13 lbs. Which has been great, but my stomach is still not what it used to be.

    Doing the yoga should be perfect. I use yoga and pilates. Even with all the weight loss I’ve just had to come to a realization that my stomach is never going to be the same again, that and I really do need to be more devoted to working the stomach muscles – somehow that is something I manage to avoid even if I find time to workout.

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck! I know this has been my main area of struggle. I can’t wait to hear about your progress!

  2. ittybittyblog says :

    Hey Alyce,
    Thanks for your comment. It is good to know that someone understands! I am certain we aren’t the only ones. That’s great that you have lost 13 pounds in 3 1/2 months, that seems like a healthy pace too.
    I will check out that website that you mentioned because my eating habits need some work too.
    I think I have accepted that my tummy won’t be what it used to be, I just can’t accept it for what it is at the moment as its permanent state.
    Thanks again for your comment/suggestions, I really appreciate it!

  3. Fer says :

    Darcy, same here. Two c-sec, I’m too short and the belly doesn’t seem to go away… *sigh* 😉

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