My Versatile Little Man

Owen is really starting to show some interests in very “boyish” things. He loves to play with trucks and rocks and dirt. And of course he likes to climb everything (yesterday he mastered the dining room table).

There are several noisy neighborhood trucks that catch his attention every time they pass our house.

But my little man also shows signs that he has a girly-girl for a sister, not that all of the following things are girly mind you…).

He loves to play with Grace’s cooking stuff and he got to try some of her play-doh


And the look we get when he has been told “no” and thinks he’s being sneaky…

Owen is also mastering the art of makeup application…

Oops, are you sure the mascara doesn’t go in my mouth? Cause that brush sure feels good on my gums!

Mmmm, M&M chapstick:)

And of course…tea parties!!

He even makes the pretend “nummy-num” noises when he drinks.

(It has been HOT the last couple of days, hence all the nakey-babe pictures).

Playing the harmonica

Does it really matter which way I turn it? Nothing comes out anyway…


One response to “My Versatile Little Man”

  1. Fer says :

    Awww Darcy, Owen is SO cute!

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