I Scream for Ice Cream!!

One of Grace’s little friends had a birthday party this week. It was an outside barbeque and I took both the kids. It was just down the street from our house so we knew several people there. One of the families from across the park was there and the mom watched Owen when I had to take Grace potty and then she asked if she could give Owen ice cream cake.

When it comes to food, I am a neat-freak. As in I feed with a spoon in one hand and a wet washrag in the other to wipe their faces…

This mom has two boys and loves getting them “messy” and having that kind of fun. You know, the sticky kind.

It was nearly 90 and she just gave Owen the bowl and a spoon and the ice cream and oh did they both have fun! She even cleaned him up afterwards…

Hey Rich, is this close enough for a fidora?


3 responses to “I Scream for Ice Cream!!”

  1. Rich says :

    Oh my, I can feel your OCD kicking in from Kuwait!

  2. Laura says :

    I am the same way with the boys. They have a washcloth instead of a napkin….much easier that way. I’m trying to be better, but it’s hard. I have a friend that LOVES to get them super dirty and give them lots of treats…then she just laughs. Luckily…it’s summer and there’s always a pool with an outdoor shower in our complex!!! And the hose!

  3. Fer says :

    I am the same way!

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