Aren’t We Just Having a Bug Day?!?!

With summer here and the doors and windows open a lot we have been inundated by bugs. Despite the fact that Grace is a girly-girl, she loves bugs. I think part of her love is simply because they are small, she can pick them up and pretend they are her babies. The above picture was actually last summer but shows how she likes to investigate bugs, while wearing a dress and a necklace is best…

This all started with ladybugs but now includes the beetles that you see above and all sorts of moths. Pretty much anything but spiders (that’s my girl).

“Momma, my baby bug is going to school.”

“This beetle is on vacation and it is just visiting at our house. Do you think it is thirsty and would like to have a drink with us?”

“Oh, look at this baby ladybug isn’t it a cutie.”

“Look at this bug, it’s just resting, it’s asleep.”

“Look at those silly beetles just stuck together like that…”

“There’s just lots of moths in here. Aren’t we just having a bug day?!?!”

**Updated to add:
“Doesn’t that ladybug seem like it likes me?”

“Oops, I dropped that bug, I think he just wanted to fly away…”

“Oh, I can’t find the ladybug, it must have gone to visit its grandma or grandpa.”


One response to “Aren’t We Just Having a Bug Day?!?!”

  1. Fer says :

    It’s good she likes bugs. Ana, on the other hand is SO afraid of them, even at a itty bity ant, she just runs away in the opposite direction!

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