I wish I had a…

pencil thin mustache. – Jimmy Buffett (and Owen)

I am finding when Owen is quiet, it often involves drawing, on himself.

The other day he was quiet and I found him in his room and he had found Grace’s markers and had drawn on his face, neck, pants, hands and arms.

Today, he happened upon a pencil and had half of the mustache drawn on by the time I got to him…



4 responses to “I wish I had a…”

  1. Carole says :

    Too cute. Abigail is famous for drawing on herself as well!

  2. Rich says :

    All he needs now is the other half of his moustache and a fidora!

  3. Amber Myers says :

    Cute! Owen you should consider keeping your new look,very handsome!

  4. Fer says :

    LOL, so cute!. Maybe you can draw the half that is missing 😉

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