Happy 4th…

…a few days late.

We went to a parade in a nearby town. The kids had so much fun. Owen was mesmerized by all the motors going by.

There were a lot of firetrucks and tractors and horses. When we asked Grace what her favorite thing was she said “the motor home”. We asked what motor home, “it was brown with big windows”. There were no decorations or anything. Just a big fancy Country Coach motor home…

Standing up for the servicemen


Pointing at motors

Eating taffy with Grandpa!

These next two are my new favorite pics of little man!


4 responses to “Happy 4th…”

  1. Ana says :

    Just wanted to say love the pics. Owen is looking so cute. Such a personality!! How are things? Hoping all is well!!
    Ana and Marco
    cp: marcoluis
    LCDH 3.2.07

  2. Carole says :

    Wow!!! Owen is getting big! Grace is such a little beauty as well!

  3. Fer says :

    I loved the pics too! The last one is my favorite 🙂

  4. Rich says :

    He looks so serious in the next to last one!

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