Princess Grace, the big smile is because she tooted just as I was taking her picture:)

Grace must be experiencing some type of language explosion because her head can’t seem to keep up with all the new words she is learning. In general, she waits until she can say something perfectly (actually she says perftickly, but whatever) or at least perfect in her mind. She is usually spot on with the exception of a few things like:
breakfrist = breakfast
perftick = perfect
disht = just
vackyroom = vacuum

One of my favorite new words is “disgusting” except when she is talking about my cooking.

Anyway, I think she is learning at such a high speed and then says things the way they sound to her or she creates a nice description so that I know what she is talking about.

“Me and Owen did chores with our cups.” = Cheers
“I want to go see the ding-dong things that we whack together.” = Wind chimes
“”Why does that guy walk with a thing shaped like a candy cane?” = Cane
“I want some of the cereal shaped like chocolate fish food.” = Cocoa Pebbles
“Look at that little archer.” = Orchard
“Is Owen eating hotstickers, I mean panstickers for lunch?” = Potstickers
“Please draw a dinosaur with ingestions and a stomach.” = Intestines
“Why does Daddy get vanilla pudding with the fat in it?” = Tapioca
“I like Grandma’s peanut butter, it’s gooder and betterest than ours.”

Grace is also making up a lot of songs. They used to be all about kitties but she is branching out a bit. As I posted yesterday, we have a new vacuum and she LOVES it. Danny and I were in the kitchen and she was in the dining room vacuuming and we could hear her singing this song:
If you’re happy and you know it vackyroom,
If you’re happy and you know it vackyroom,
Suck the bugs,
Suck the dirt…

I never sang “Rock-a-bye Baby” to the kids but somebody must have because she has a version of that one too:
Rock-a-bye baby in the trees will blow you down and
rock you and mommy will catch you
before you fall into the coffee.

A few other cute random comments:
“I don’t like to be little like I am, I just want to be bigger so that I can get my own food and pick up Owen.”

“Mommy, I weigh three forty-five pounds, is that tall?”

“When I grow up I am going to be taller than you Mommy, I am going to be as tall as Grandma Ruby!” (I am 4’11” and Grandma Ruby is about 5’1” –I think).

It’s good that she has set goals.


3 responses to “Grace-Speak”

  1. Amber Myers says :

    Once again grace’s conversations crack me up. She is a funny girl. I love hearing Grace stories. Thanks for sharing they always bring a smile to my face. I can’t wait tell my little guy starts to talk but then again maybe I can?

  2. Fer says :

    Grace’s just amazing! I really hope one day I can meet her and hear all the funny stories she has to tell.

  3. Rich says :

    I am really laughing now!

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