Fun for the Whole Family!

My parents just got one of those built-in vacuums. We benefited from this because they gave us their vacuum which is newer and nicer than the one we had. They also gave us one of those smaller vacuums to use on our hardwood.

You wouldn’t think this would be that exciting, but you would be wrong.

We got home from their house last night and the first thing Danny did was vacuum our rug. The kids watched and hollered as he did it.

Grace has already been playing with the little one for about 20 minutes this morning. It’s just her size!

And Owen has a new best bud!

And the best part for mommy is that everyone else wants to use it so maybe I won’t have to!


2 responses to “Fun for the Whole Family!”

  1. Sonya says :

    We got a new vacuum and my husband loves it so much that I hardly ever have to vacuum now. Of course, I’m also at work five days a week, but that wouldn’t contribute to that, now would it? đŸ™‚

  2. Fer says :

    How funny!

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