As in rhymes with fish…what I thought was Owen’s third “word”. He says Mama like an expert. He also says Maa (like baa) whenever he sees our cat May (or any other black animal). Well, the other day he pointed at Grace and said “shish”. I thought he was going for “Sis”. I got all excited, Grace got all excited.

Then we went outside.

He pointed at the trees “shish”. He pointed at the motor home across the street “shish”. He pointed at his drink “shish”. Hmmm. I’m sensing a pattern here.

Owen has been frustrated a lot because he can’t communicate with us. I have been trying a few signs, but he seems angry when I try to move his hands to show him a sign. He has made the sign for “more” once but nothing since.

He constantly babbles, especially when Chatty Kathy (Grace) isn’t around to talk for him. But of course she seems to always know what he wants.

I have mentioned before how opposite my kids are, this is by far the most obvious area. (Well, there is the climbing too…and the cuddling and playing in the dirt and sticking everything in his mouth, but whatever…)

Owen’s words: Mama, Maa

Grace’s words at the same age (16 months): Bobcat, bye, light, ducks, night-night, Daddy, cuckoo, this, May, puppy, baby, hot, eyes, toes, ball, giraffe, outside, belly, knee, woof-woof, hi, Annie, Mom, fish, off, flower, tractor, yes, no, ouch, vacuum, socks, shoes, bath, swing, bug, Grandma, Grandpa, bird, bear, bottle, horse, teeth, Kristee, Ruby, thirsty, key, blankie, chicken, stroller, all done, down, kitty, bus, truck, spoon, bean, apple, walk, pool, Einstein, Camden, Katy, ding-dong, buddy, button, sandwich, hippo, lion

Now, she didn’t say all of these words in a way that a stranger could understand, mind you. But she had consistent words that she used for each of these things. For example, if she wanted to watch one of her Baby Einstein videos she would say “einy” or if she wanted a sandwich she said “sandy”.

There was little frustration on her and our part. She rarely had any tantrums.

I can just imagine how much sweeter it will be when Owen finally starts talking. He’ll probably start rattling off full sentences…letting us know all the things he’s been thinking about for his whole life!

He may have already thought of an alternative fuel source or how to have world peace!


One response to “Shish”

  1. Fer says :

    Have I metion how similar our kids are?, and not just Owen and Juan pablo, but Grace and Ana as well.

    I was thinking the exact same thing the other day and remembering how many words Ana spoke when she was Juan pablo’s age.

    Juan Pablo’s only words are Mama and Papa, that’s all!

    We should meet one day 😉

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