Grace Stories 6/23/08

Grace is full of it lately…

In case it’s not obvious, this is what you wear to help build a chicken coop…

Part 1:
Grace: “Can I go out on the front porch?”
Me: “I don’t know, let me think about it for a minute.”
Grace: (5 seconds later) “Mommy, can I go out on the front porch?”
Me: “Grace, I need to think about it and that means more than 5 seconds of thinking.”
Grace: “Mommy, I want you to think faster, can you do that? Mommy, can you? Can you think faster? MOMMY, can you!?!?!”

Part 2:
Grace: “Mommy, can we go to the park?
Mom: “I’m not sure.”
Grace: “Don’t think about it, just say yes.”
Me: “I need a little bit of privacy.”
Grace: “I can’t give you privacy.”
Me: “Why not?”
Grace: “Because I’m just curious so I can’t give you privacy.”
Grace: “Mommy, I tooted.”
Me: “So what do you say?”
Grace: “That’s disgusting!”
Me: “No, you say excuse me.”
Grace: “Why do I say that? It’s disgusting!”
Me: “Do you know that Auntie Kaeley is coming to visit in a couple of weeks?”
Grace: “Well, she will just have to ask us if it is a good night to spend the night, and if we say it isn’t she will just have to go home!”

Don’t worry Kaeley, she doesn’t mean it:o
Grace: “Is this the news?”
Me: “Yes”
Grace: “I don’t like this show. I don’t like any of your shows. But I do like Dancing!” (Dancing with the Stars/So You Think You Can Dance)
Me: “I have a headache and my tummy hurts so I am going to need a little bit of quiet.”
Grace: “I can’t give you quiet cause I just want to talk to you cause I love you.”
Grace’s current favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast…
“Mommy, I am a little curious about the beast. I just get a little wild when I see the curlies on his neck, it just makes me a little wild and I get excited! I just get a little wild up when I see the beast with the curls on his neck!”


5 responses to “Grace Stories 6/23/08”

  1. rich says :

    Ok, I am seriously laughing my butt off and sharing this with people on my shift. You can tell your daughter that she has made several sailors in the desert laugh hystarically!


  2. rich says :

    Oh, nice boots!

  3. Amber Myers says :

    Grace cracks me up!

  4. kaeley says :

    Phew, I was worried that nail polish wasn’t going to be enough to secure my spot on the couch!

  5. Fer says :

    Grace is so funny! You should write a book with all her comments!

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