two grown-ups,

two children,

two cats,

and two fish,

just aren’t enough…

Get two chickens…

Meet Toot

and Treebie

the newest residents at this zoo we call home:)


8 responses to “Chickens”

  1. Sonya says :

    Look out, your going to have change your name to McDonald… 🙂 We need to come by and visit the chickens. Or you can come by and we can listen to our neighbor’s chickens (and two turkeys!)

  2. Sonya says :

    And I committed a gross error in grammar…

    YOU’RE not Your. Yikes, my brain has turned to mush!

  3. Fer says :


  4. Laura says :

    You did it!!! You have chickens. They are super cute. And where exactly are they currently living?

  5. ittybittyblog says :

    Hey Laura,
    Yes we did it! They are living mostly in the laundry room which means the cats are evicted most of the time. At night I bring them (the chicks) into the kitchen so that the cats can sleep in the laundry room. It’s not ideal. Hopefully they can go outside soon. Danny is working on their chick mansion!

  6. Laura says :

    I can send over plans from our bunny condo…I’m sure it can be modified to meet their needs!!!!

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