Adoption Fundraiser

My good friend (and former college roomie) Laura and her husband Jeff are in the process of adopting a little girl from Korea. They have already adopted a set of twin boys from Korea (now 3 year-olds, Kai and Cole).

God has called them to adopt specifically from Korea and He has also called them to adopt a third child, this time a daughter. The costs of international adoptions are high and this is technically their third one. One of the things that they are doing to raise funds is a magazine fundraiser. There is a link on Laura’s blog in the upper right hand corner, or you can click here. 40% of all subscriptions (new or renewals) go to their adoption fund.

You can also find a link to Laura’s blog on my sidebar as “The Schlabach Clan.” Feel free to click and read about what their family and those adorable boys are up to:)

If you are interested in supporting them or if you just want to get a magazine subscription (reduced rates compared to the newstand) please take a look.

I support them 100% and love how they are so willingly following the plan and calling that God has for their family.


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