Snap Out of It!

I have always loved this picture…Right now, however, I feel like I need it for my life.

I am in a bit of a funk and I just feel like I need to “SNAP OUT OF IT!”

In some combination or another Owen, Grace and I have been sick for over a month. It started with Grace, just a cold. Moved on to Owen. He had bronchiolitis, RSV, coxsackie virus, 4 incoming molars. Then I started to get sick last week, aches, head cold.

Then, last Friday we got up and Grace complained of her eye hurting. I looked and it was full of yellow/green goop. I called the doctor and got an appointment, I asked to go ahead and make it for both kids because I was sure we could find something wrong with Owen by the time got there.

Grace just had a viral infection that needed to run its course. It has, she was fine by Saturday.

Owen on the other hand had fluid behind one of his ears and a sinus infection so he had to start a course of antibiotics. This was on top of the TWO blood draws that he had last week for the CDH research study and the CPK test to check for muscular dystrophy.

I finally started feeling better Monday.

Last night after I got home from Bible study I felt like I had something in my eye. I couldn’t find anything and it still hurt this morning so I had to go in to the eye doctor. I have a couple of little scratches on my cornea. I have antibiotic drops for my eye and some other drops.

I have this vague memory of a conversation with Danny about 3 weeks ago when our van died (after we had just put $1500 into it-it’s ok now but we didn’t know at the time), he was feeling low and frustrated and I was trying to be positive and upbeat, my response was:

“Well, at least we have our health!”

Wow, that one came back to bite me…

I know that there is a reason for the struggles that we go through. I just hope that I can hurry up and learn the lesson soon and just snap out of this funk and get back on with the fun of life with my family!


2 responses to “Snap Out of It!”

  1. Laura says :

    Blogsite HUG, Blogsite HUG!

  2. Fer says :

    (((HUGS))) I am sorry you all been sick hun. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

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