Mel (the 2nd) and Martha

Grace’s birthday present from Mommy and Daddy was a trip to Petsmart to get two fish.

This is what she found when she opened her present…

She had already named them Mel and Martha, she just needed to find the right ones. Once at Petsmart she found a Martha that is zebra-striped and a gold Mel.

On the ride home she was saying:

“Our fish are so happy that they have a home with us.”

“When I ride on the train to see Martha (as in Stewart of course) I’ll tell her that I have a fish named Martha too.”

(In case you don’t know, Martha is named after one of Grace’s “idols” and someone she pretends to be often when she is playing…Martha Stewart)

After getting the fish settled Grace had her special heart brownie which she wanted with yellow frosting. She had a hard time understanding why there wasn’t yet another party. At dinner she said that she wanted to wait to have her brownie until all the people came. I asked what people and she said “oh, you know all the people for my birthday party…”

Oohh, those people…

Danny explained that we already had her party and that this was a “private party” for just Mommy, Daddy, Grace and Owen. I’m not sure she was convinced but I think she had a good day despite no party. She wore three different dresses, how much more fun can you have?

As I am writing this…

Grace just informed me that Mel and Martha have a last name, it’s Gel-n-Gartha, so they are Mel and Martha Gel-n-Gartha.


3 responses to “Mel (the 2nd) and Martha”

  1. Jamie says :

    Ah! How sweet! Since Grace is talking about taking the train to see Martha, perhaps she’ll settle for taking the train to see me instead??? I’m still holding you to a trip up here sometime this summer!

  2. ittybittyblog says :

    I bet she would settle for a trip to Seattle instead. I can only imagine that a train trip to New York would be traumatic for her:)
    I am still hoping to come see you up there this summer. I PROMISE!! (Although I don’t think I will bring anyone with me:)

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