That Funky Baby Smell

Last night I was getting ready to put Owen down, he had kind of a funky smell. So as any good mother would, I gave him a thorough going over with the nose. He had some spit-up on his pjs so I changed them.

I put him down but still smelled “something.”

When I got into bed, I said, “that baby smells funky, he needs a bath tomorrow.”

This morning we got up and Owen was getting in to stuff and I so I took him over to his little activity table that he can stand at that plays music, I am sure lots of you moms know what this is…

I looked down and realized…Oh, that’s the funky smell.

Get ready, it’s gross…

It was covered in mostly dried up baby puke.

Apparently when he was playing last night he threw up and none of us noticed it.

It had a good 12 hours to dry into the many cracks, crevices and grooves.

So after baby bath, it was bath time for the table.

So how was your Saturday morning?

Mine was funky…


3 responses to “That Funky Baby Smell”

  1. Laura says :

    Can I add my funky smell story?
    Yesterday when I walked into the boy’s room to get them up, Kai had decided to take the contents of his diaper and well….create his own masterpiece on the floor, the bed, in his pillow, the walls, etc. SOOOOO GROSS!
    Just thought I’d add that tidbit of information

  2. ittybittyblog says :

    Ok, that is terrible! Has he done this before? What was your reaction to it? Other than cleaning up, I mean discipline-wise. I can’t imagine!
    I hope you post this on your blog too:)

  3. Laura says :

    I’ll probably post it, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.
    I was in total shock….I was just in there asking them to give me 10 minutes to shower, came back and YUCK! I stood there for a moment trying to even figure out what to do. Then I shoved Kai in the bathtub. Discipline-wise…there was a LOT of talking about what we don’t do!!!

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