Update on Owen

Owen seems to be doing a little bit better today. I think his inhaler is helping. He is still wheezing but not as much and not as loudly as he was yesterday so I think he is slowly feeling some relief.

The moral of this story:

CDH kiddos need to get a Synagis shot during the RSV season. This shot is expensive ($1000 a shot) and is given each month that a diagnosis of RSV is made in your area or that kids are still sick from RSV. In Oregon that is about October to April.

Last year Owen had this shot in March before we left the NICU and then again in April at our Pediatrician’s office once we were home. He didn’t need it in May because the RSV season was over in Oregon. We requested that Owen get the shot again this season but our insurance company denied it because he hasn’t had any pulmonary issues since coming home from the hospital and doesn’t have regular visits with a Pulmonologist.

Owen is extremely healthy and has been able to kick colds very easily throughout the winter but he still most likely has RSV (it isn’t confirmed since the doctor didn’t want to test him for it). Owen is not like the majority of CDH kids who suffer from different respiratory issues. If Owen was still able to get RSV and then Bronchiolitis, I am sure that many other CDH kids are likely to get it. Owen is doing a good job fighting this but as I said, he is already very strong and healthy.

So this is my two-cents, certainly not the opinion of a medical expert.

In retrospect I think we should have fought a little harder to get him the shots.


One response to “Update on Owen”

  1. Fer says :

    I’m glad Owen is doing better. I’m sorry to ask, but what is RSV?

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