Coffee is Good:)

Grace: “Momma, do you know I love steamers and coffee?”

Me: “I do know, they’re good aren’t they?”

Grace: “They are, did you know that Alyssa likes coffee too? She likes it in the morning.”

Me: “How do you know that?”

Grace: “She told me last morning when we were at school together.”

Me: “How cute is that?”

Grace: “It’s very cute, Momma. Do you like coffee?”

Me: “I like coffee and I like mochas.”

Grace: “Did you know that mochas are a kind of coffee?”

-Wow, I am sure I was at least 8 before I was a coffee connoisseur… 


2 responses to “Coffee is Good:)”

  1. literarygirl says :

    Don’t I relate to this one. My kids were TWO when they started asking for steamers and “lattes”. I didn’t drink coffee until high school, at least 15. Not that they drink coffee now, it’s just warmed milk, but they have tasted my decaf lattes and they like them. Crazy world.

  2. schlabachclan says :

    The boys get coffee when they go to my parents house!
    Soon they’ll all be able to order a tall, nonfat, decaf, upside-down carmel macchiato.
    (that’s my longest lingo ordering drink)

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